The highest priority is reducing inflation. It’s making life difficult for all of us when we shop for groceries, put gas in the car, or God forbid, try to buy a house. The federal government’s budget has increased about 56% in 2024 over 2019, and we don’t even have universal health care to show for it. This is disgraceful!

Enforcement of existing laws on our border, immigration and related crimes. Estimates by the federal government are that at least 12 million foreign nations have come into the country unauthorized since 2021. Not only is this dangerous for our safety (e.g., see Laken Riley), but it also adds to inflation because our food supply chain and producers cannot keep up with such immense increases in population that need to eat. Our housing does not keep up with these demands either, and we certainly shouldn’t allow more illegal foreign nationals here, just to build homes to house them.

Because I am willing to deal with the issues of importance to Americans in this district. Nobody is happy with inflation; nobody is happy about housing costs. Our current congressman has voted for Continuing Resolutions on the budget. I won’t. The government’s finances crush Americans and it has to stop. This, along with BRICs, is a financial disaster for Americans running down the track about to hit us (Association of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and others). Our politicians aren’t telling us about this. I will.

He also voted to continue the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is effectually a repeal of our God-given right to privacy and our 4th Amendment rights to protection from unreasonable searches and seizures.

To make Americans better, stronger, healthier, happier and more prosperous. A career is not what I’m after. I’m perfectly content to do the right thing and have a biased press after me.

I have a history of standing up for what I believe in. Recently, I represented the head of the Dustin Inman Society in his case against Georgia’s I.E.R.B. or the Immigration Enforcement Review Board. Ultimately, fortunately, the Georgia General Assembly canned this useless board. The Dustin Inman Society works very hard to make Georgia as inhospitable to illegal foreign nationals as possible and has had remarkable victories such as the HB 1105, the Georgia Criminal Alien Track and Report Act of 2024, signed by Gov. Kemp.

Granted, nothing exciting lately, but I sued three superior court judges that wanted me to represent indigent criminals at no charge in 1991 and the Georgia Supreme Court agreed a year later, that I had to be paid.

I have brought actions and complaints against local government entities over tax issues, even in one case when I voted against the action as a board member of a group pursuing such action. It was a good goal, but I thought it would prove an ineffectual method to accomplish it. I was regrettably correct.

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I’m running in the 11th District. It includes all of Bartow, Gordon, and Pickens counties. It also includes about 2/3s of the western half of Cherokee County and East Cobb. If you want to find out for sure, here is the link to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office to find your individual voting information.

More than 56 percent of Democratic voters chose me in the Democratic primary. I am the Democratic candidate for congress. I intend to represent all constituents in the district, not just a splinter group within one party. I ran on kitchen-table issues that impact people like us. As an independent thinker, I recognized that the Democratic party in Georgia needed new candidates with a fresh focus, because my opponent in the primary, like so many of our candidates, was disconnected from the trials of everyday Americans.

I have previously run for a Georgia house seat as a Libertarian in 1990. I donate to Libertarian, Democratic and Republican candidates. I also give to the Dustin Inman Society here in Georgia, Numbers USA, and formerly, the Salvation Army and Red Cross. I will support whomever is duly elected president.