2024 U.S. House of Representatives Candidate for Georgia’s 11th Congressional District

Hi, I’m Kate.

I’m a veteran, small business owner, attorney, and your neighbor since my family moved to Georgia in 1971, and have lived in Cherokee County since 1991. I am asking for your vote to represent you in Georgia’s 11th congressional district. I am listening. Let’s stand up to the issues facing Georgians that our self-serving career politicians ignore.

Prices & Inflation need to be reduced. Washington can’t or won’t live on a budget. It is spending 50% more than 5 years ago. This must stop so inflation can be reduced.

Protect our Border to prevent terrorism and to spend our Tax Dollars on where America needs it most, including our poor, our combat veterans and our debt.

Women and Children Deserve Safety, Respect, and Dignity. Non-women should not displace us or intrude into women’s and children’s sports and bathrooms.

Privacy for Americans. We traded Ma Bell for Big Brother, our constant companion and spy. We don’t have to live this way and I will work to change it.

Protect Social Security. Americans have paid in to Social Security for all of their working years and rely upon it. It must be our nation’s priority and should not be taxed.

The Financing of Higher Education Must Be Restructured. Our young people are starting out in the world strangled by debt. This must change.

The daughter of an Air Force flight instructor and a homemaker, Katy Lynn Stamper was born a Texan, west of San Antonio.

The family moved to Temple, Georgia in 1971 where Katy graduated from Temple High School. Katy attended West Georgia College in Carrollton for a year, then enlisted in the United States Army – Signal Corp. As a 31J Teletype Repairman, she served at Fort Gordon, Georgia, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and the U.S. Army Garrison in Stuttgart, West Germany.

Upon her honorable discharge, the specialist came home to Georgia and returned to academics at Emory College, receiving her B.A. in Political Science. Kate completed her law degree at the University of Georgia in 1986.

The passion Kate brings to politics in 2024 is matched by knowledge gained in running a private law practice, and managing a small business.

Kate has stepped up to government bureaucrats, elected officials, and even judges who demanded representation of defendants without compensation. As an advocate, Kate helps families plan for and navigate after the loss of a family member.

As your representative in Congress, Kate will take on the issues that affect everyday Americans, the same issues being ignored by self-serving career politicians.

Check your Voter Status and find your Early Voting Locations with the Georgia Secretary of State at Georgia My Voter Page.